Guide for purchasing kids sandals:

Is it necessary that your kids need to wear sandals? Once your kids start walking, it is highly important to wear sandals. Having a good pair of outdoor sandals is essential if you have active kids. Kids feet are so soft, and even a small infection may affect their feet. To protect against this kind of infection, you may choose sandals for kids to protect your kid's feet. Based on your kid's individual needs, you can choose the best pair of sandals.

Sandal maintenance

To boost your kid's sandals, you may use a quality spray to shine the sandals like a star. It is a good suggestion to wipe off any dirt using a moist cloth for the kid's sandals. You can also use a spray to preserve the flexible quality and appearance of the leather. 

Size to choose:

Little feet always grow quickly. So it is necessary to measure the length of your child's foot while standing upright. You should make sure to measure both feet, as their left and right feet may be different lengths. Start by standing your child up against a wall with their weight uniformly distributed between both feet. 

Babies and toddlers (0 to 2 years): it is important not to buy too big sandals, as this can inhibit their speed development. You can measure both feet of your kid in centimetres. In closed sandals, the recommended size is 1 to 1.5 cm. In open sandals, the recommended size is 1 cm.

Sandals for young children

While selecting sandals for kids, up to 2 years need more support and stability, so the recommended sandal is a closed-toe sandal. A closed-toe cap provides more safeguard to the toes than an open toe cap. If the sandal fits tightly on the ankle and instep, open and closed heels can provide the proper support.

Soft and comfortable materials

Sandals made of synthetic material do not allow feet to breathe, and some can experience swelling and an unpleasant odour. Especially for toddlers, sandals must have a solid heel cap and non-slip natural rubber soles so that the sandal fits well and the child is guaranteed firm footing on all types of surfaces. It is important that children can play, move around freely and have fun in all the sandals. This also naturally goes for sandals, which your child can wear every day throughout summer without getting tired or sore feet.

Bottom Line:

Before choosing a sandal for your kids, you should consider your kid's comfort and healthy feet. You can select the sandal based on your kid's size to have a comfortable and pleasant walk.

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